digital illustration of femme laying back and daydreaming. Text reads "Stop Imagining the Apocalypse, Start Imagining the Revolution. Text floats inside her long black hair, reading 'collective care, redistribute wealth, decolonise the empire etc. background is light blue and femme surrounded by red, orange and white flowers and green leaves
What is politically, socially and economically possible has always been about WILL and the illusion of the status quo.

The Coronavirus pandemic has exaggerated and brought to the forefront the gross inequalities we always knew existed. But for many it’s much more close to home than usual. It has exposed the system we live in, where twenty-six individuals own as much wealth as HALF the world’s population.

Where there is that much wealth in governments and corporations, yet people are being sent away from hospitals due to bed shortages, mass graves dug for those who can’t afford funerals and body bags being sent to Indigenous communities instead of cleaning products.

We’ve been given an opportunity to realise global change is possible, that we can reduce our damage to Mother Earth and our governments do have the resources to support vulnerable people. Many of us have had time to slow down and realise what is actually important to us, what we really do need and what we have left we can share with others.

The biggest loss in this is if we come out the other side unchanged. Normal only served the elite. We the people, it’s time to imagine the revolution.
This piece was submitted to 2020 Amplify Art Global Open Call and has been selected to be part of the public health and safety campaign art. 

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