This piece was created in response to the public housing lockdown in Melbourne, Victoria during COVID:19. Over 3000 residents across 9 public housing blocks were given 30 minutes notice of a 5+ day lockdown where they could not leave or enter their homes, access food, medicine or outside air and were patrolled by 500 police officers. The carceral response by the government was a complete contradiction to how the rest of Melbourne's residents were treated and showed very clearly the lack of trust in and care for those living in public housing. Grassroots organisations rallied together to protest the severe lockdown and provide food, medical supplies, baby supplies and translated resources to the community. I created this piece for the #9Blocks to know they weren't out of sight out of mind.
Medic Guild requested to use this piece to accompany the article Policing the Pandemic: Melbourne’s Public Housing Lockdown Criminalizes Those on the Margins

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